Manu Ginobili Confirms He Will Return Next Season.

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Last week in Bahia Blanca before concentration in Buenos Aires with the selection. Simultaneous increase in the intensity of training and goodbyes from family and friends. Hard combination for this little body, but beneficial for the head.

1 – Sports Update:

The most important news to tell you is I am determined to continue playing in the NBA. Did not have many doubts, but as I recently wanted to let a little time and see the season went from a little further. The reality is that this year I feel safer and I have it even clearer than the previous year. I had a great time during the season and except for the “small” February incident was healthy at all times. I definitely want to continue enjoying the basketball a little more. I will expand on my regular column in The Nation soon. Since this is not a basketball blog, I will continue in that space telling details.

Beyond that, as I said before, this week I trained with much greater intensity in both gym and on the court. They suffered the legs and lungs but it was inevitable. Now is the time to start training with the team. On Monday it cost me a lot, but no longer see the time and I want to see all the guys……..Read More

Source: List of 3 July 2016. – Manu Ginobili Blog