Manu Ginobili A Season To Be Remembered.

Martin M Dominguez SPURS FAN CAVE, Spurs News

At times I believe San Antonio Spurs fans forget how fortunate we have been to witness the greatness of Manu Ginobili. The game moves so fast, it’s not until we see the slow motion replay, do we get to truly appreciate the greatness of Manu Ginobili. The amazing passes between the legs of opposing teams defenders or his now patented behind the back dribble and drive to the basket. We as fans are always wanting to see more of Manu Ginobili, take that three or drive to the basket and dunk to thunderous applause. But alas we are nearing the end and the sun will soon set on the storied career of one of the greatest players to ever wear the Silver & Black. What will this season hold for Manu Ginobili does the game still have one more gift to give before the last buzzer sounds? Will we get to see Manu Ginobili celebrate with elation as he lifts up the Larry O’Brien trophy? This season will no doubt be bitter-sweet as we say goodbye to the one and only Manu Ginobili. That means we as fans should savor every minute of every game and remember as the season progresses we get one step closer to the inevitable. So wear your #20 jersey with pride this year and let’s all give thanks to one of the greats Manu Ginobili.

The Greatness That Is Manu Ginobili.