Make a HD Antenna on the cheap to watch sporting events.

Martin M Dominguez SPURS FAN CAVE

The countdown to opening tip off  is only 25 days away my fellow Spurs fans and before the season starts I would like to show you how to make a HD antenna so everyone can enjoy the games not just those with cable or satellite TV.  The materials you will need for this project will be the following: wire coat hanger, pliers, screw driver,wire cutter, drill or dremel tool, speaker wire, ring terminals,#10 washers, #10 3/4  screws, 2 x 2 pressure treated wood,  and a TV matching transformer.

Below you will find pictures of the supplies you will need that are hard to find and if you go to Radio Shack or Walmart they can be a little pricey but I did manage to buy mine from Amazon at a very reasonable price. Just click on any of the pics and you will be taken to a link in Amazon where you can see the price and also purchase the item if you choose to.

Matching TV Transformer

Speaker Wire

Ring Terminal

Now with the supplies out of the way lets start building the antenna I found this Youtube video helpful when putting my antenna together so take a look and use it as a guide.


I used a piece of  2 x 2 wood banister that I found at my local Home Depot for about 0.92 cents and its the perfect size for a HD antenna. I then measured 2 inches from the top of my 2×2 and drew a line across with a small level and a sharpie after that I measured 5 1/2 inches and repeated this three times drawing a line across the board and marking it with a sharpie. This will show you where to drill the holes for your screws and washers.

2×2 Wooden Banister


The next step is to start cutting your coat hangers into 7 inch lengths and then bend the pieces you cut in half  and make sure to leave a 4 inch gap on each coat hanger. Please make sure to grind away the plastic coating in the middle if  you purchased the white wire coat hangers as you need to have a metal on metal connection.  Next you need to cut the speaker wire and strip the ends to attach the ring terminals please make sure the speaker wire is not to long as you want a tight connection. Once you have your coat hangers and speaker wire ready start installing the washers and screws and make sure you sandwich the ring terminals and coat hanger together.  One important step is to make sure you  install the Matching TV Transformer on the second row of your antenna or it will not work properly, once you have fished putting everything together you should end up with  a HD antenna like mine .

My 4 Bay HD Antenna

My RCA HD Antenna Booster


I personally purchased a RCA HD Antenna booster to help deliver a clear and strong signal as my TV is in the garage and I get bad reception without the booster.  One more thing I purchased is a USB ATSC TV Stick as I have my HD TV hooked up to a PC and this is how I watch TV in my Spurs Fan Cave as it also allows me to pause live TV and also take pics. You should now have a  finished antenna all you need to do is connect a coaxial cable to the antenna and the TV and enjoy the games in beautiful HD this season if you liked this BLOG please hit the like button and thanks for reading .

RCA HD Antenna Booster