‘Looks Like Someone Printed A Bathroom Tile’ ‘Bring Back Nike’ City Fans Unhappy With Purported New Home Kit Design

Mark White Manchester City FC

Images that purport to show Manchester City’s new home kit for the 2020/21 season have leaked out online, and it is safe to say the design will divide supporters.

Shirt manufacturers Puma have gone with a pattern which can only be described as white cracks across the sky blue kit. Fans on Twitter are not that happy with the choice of motif:

Whether this kit actually turns out to be genuine, we shall have to wait and see. It’s likely that the release will be delayed in line with the beginning of the new campaign, which could be quite a few months away.

Puma are certainly looking to be bold with their design choices, with a leaked image suggesting that City will go with a floral pattern on their third kit.

Whether such divisive colours and patterns will end up being rewarded with higher shirt sales, it remains to be seen.