Kevin Durant: Michael Jordan Is a ‘God Level’ Scorer

Feel free to leave Kevin Durant out of all debates about the greatest player or scorer of all-time—discourse that almost always invokes the name of NBA icon Michael Jordan.

Such was the case on Thanksgiving, as ESPN’s Max Kellerman and Kendrick Perkins had a spirited debate about whether Jordan or Durant was the better scorer.

Perkins, who often vociferously defends today’s stars, took the stance that Durant is the best scorer of all-time: “By the eye test, KD is the best scorer that I’ve ever seen. He has zero flaws to his game.”

Kellerman, however, believes that “Michael Jordan not only scored more than KD, won more than KD, but scored more efficiently than KD.”

Durant, however, wants nothing to do with it. After a Twitter user commented on the First Take debate, insisting that Durant was a bigger offensive threat than Jordan, Durant voiced his take on who was a better scorer.

“MJ is one of one,” Durant wrote. “God level, unmatched, unparalleled, a pure master… I’m still watching his games to learn. Leave me out of it please.”

Whether an act of humility, or what some suggest to be further evidence that he’s not cut out for the pressure of the GOAT debate, only Durant will truly know.

But it’s not unusual for today’s stars to have a reverent attitude toward Jordan, with only one of the League’s current stars bold enough to claim that he’s at least as good as His Airness.