Kevin Durant completely changes his opinion of Kawhi Leonard.

After San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard was named NBA Finals MVP back in 2014, Kevin Durant went on Twitter to imply that Indiana Pacers wing Paul George was the superior player:

KD Tweet

It sparked a forgettably silly controversy and led to Durant posting a non-apology on his Facebook page (transcript via Pro Basketball Talk):

This the last time I’m gonna talk about this. I did not hate on Kawhi Leonard , quite honestly If you knew me or been around me, you would see how excited I was for such a young humble guy. But this world loves conflict I see. I really gave major props to coach pop and the whole staff for putting those guys in great positions to be successful. I’ve realized u can’t say anything about a champion so if I hurt anybody’s feelings I apologize(I really don’t) but u get my drift

With the Spurs in Oklahoma City on Saturday night, the old topic was brought up once more after the Thunder smashed the…..Read More

Source: Kevin Durant completely changes his opinion of Kawhi Leonard | FOX Sports