Kawhi Leonard went to China and hasn’t stopped smiling yet

Is this real life?

It all started last Friday when the San Antonio Spurs official Twitter account posted this photo:

Yes, that is Kawhi Leonard smiling. Some thought Kawhi was programmed not to smile, but he can actually do it. We’ve seen him do it, and while it’s not exactly commonplace, it’s is’t quite rare either. But consistent and persistent grinning from the Spurs star is a bit strange, and Manu Ginobili wondered about it:

We don’t know, Manu, but since Kawhi has set foot in the land of nine domains, Kawhi doesn’t seem to be able to cease beaming, and even the folks at TNT have taken notice:

Maybe coming back to the United States means that Kawhi won’t smile anymore, but the week in China has shown us something we haven’t seen too frequently since Leonard joined the Spurs: his teeth.

Source: Pounding The Rock

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