Kawhi Leonard is a step above the rest.

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In what was a disappointing start to the highly anticipated first game of the season the Spurs lose on the road to OKC 112-106. The star that shined the brightest for the Spurs was Kawhi Leonard who tied his career high of 32 point to start the season. Kawhi Leonard makes his first start in two season healthy and it showed last night as he was a beast on both offense and defense. If this is an indicator on what we should expect from Kawhi Leonard this season. There is no doubt that he is a step above the rest and clearly the best player on the Spurs team this season. This game against OKC was a message for the rest of the league and that is beware of the “Claw.” In what was a passing of the torch when Kawhi won the 2014 NBA finals MVP this is now his team.  Kawhi Leonard is a great player and is only lacking in his ability to lead by his quiet demeanor. Expect that to change this year as Kawhi will not only be a leader he will be more vocal on the court and lead by example. Kawhi Leonard is on track to have a stellar season and I for one expect him to be in the running for MVP.

Kawhi Leonard Highlights Vs OKC.


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