Kawhi Leonard disappointed Spurs did not offer max deal by Oct 31st deadline.

Kawhi Leonard has been praised by San Antonio Spurs head coach Greg Popovich as the future of the team and yet the reigning finals MVP will become a free agent this summer as the Spurs did not offer him a max deal by the October 31st deadline. Sources close with the Spurs organization and even Kawhi’s very owner manager were very disappointed that a max deal was not offered. Kawhi Leonard by all accounts has exceeded the Spurs expectations and with this latest turn of events Kawhi feels this is a slap in the face by the Spurs.  This is a quote by Kawhi’s very own manager Brian Elfus  ‘We feel Kawhi is deserving of a max contract, and we are disappointed that something couldn’t get done,’ Elfus told Yahoo Sports. ‘There’s no debating Kawhi’s value. The market has been set. He’s done everything the Spurs have asked of him, exceeded all of their expectations.’Coach [Gregg] Popovich has gone out of his way to call Kawhi the future face of the franchise. We have great respect for the Spurs organization, but here, we simply agree to disagree.’

Elfus went on to say that Kawhi advised he would explore his options this summer in free agency and possibly explore a future with another NBA team. This is very disturbing as talks between Kawhi and the Spurs broke down it may seem that the Spurs future may very well just walk away from the Silver and Black as they have never offered any of the big three a max deal.

Kawhi Leonard and Spurs do not agree on contract extension by October 31st deadline.