Kawhi Leonard Admits He Misses #21 Tim Duncan.

Kawhi Leonard Admits He Misses #21 Tim Duncan.

The San Antonio Spurs started training camp this week and immediately everyone could already feel the absence of #21 “The Big Fundamental” himself Tim Duncan. Including #2 “The Klaw” Kawhi Leonard as he spoke to Melissa Rohlin of the San Antonio Express News after practice and had this to say about Tim Duncan.

“His personality isn’t here, jokes that he makes during practice, that’s the things I’m missing right now.”

Tim Duncan was more than just a phenomenal player he was an amazing teammate and his presence on the court will be missed. But luckily for Kawhi the team did not have to wait long for #21 to show up unannounced to practice on Wednesday.

If You missed Tim Duncan Rasie Your Hand.


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