How Those Spurs Are Sneaky Good Yet Again.

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Somehow, for the hundredth year in a row, the Spurs are flying under the radar. Before the start of the season, writers and pundits everywhere raved about their acquisitions: Sporting News gave San Antonio the only A+ in its offseason grades and David Aldridge ranked their offseason number one in the NBA in hissummer recap. They reeled in LaMarcus Aldridge, stole David West from Indiana, and retained one of the best “three and D” players in the NBA in Danny Green, whom they resigned for 4 years $40 million. The main course of the Spurs’ summer was undoubtably Aldridge, but perhaps the most fascinating move was their acquisition of David West. The dude gave up $12.6 million in Indiana, not a slouch of a franchise, to sign for the veterans minimum of $1.5 million in San Antonio! Forbes published a great piece about how the Spurs’ culture affected this decision…….Read More


Source: How Those Spurs Are Sneaky Good Yet Again — NBA — The Sports Quotient


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