How has Kyle Anderson grown as a rookie this season?

Martin M Dominguez Spurs News

Kyle Anderson has had 23 rebounds, 8 assists, 5 blocks, 3 steals and only 9 points in 10 games in his first NBA season. But what can one expect from a rookie on a championship team?  Kyle Anderson is arguably one of the smartest players out of the 2014 NBA draft, his great basketball IQ combined with a coach like Gregg Popovich, the rookies game will only continue to improve. In a recent interview with “The Record” Anderson was asked what he thought about his time with the Spurs in the Alamo City so far this season.  Kyle Anderson was quoted as saying “They’re real professional about things down here in San Antonio, I think it’s just a blessing for me to land here. Because to learn that way and not pick up bad habits is only going to help me down the line.” Kyle (Slow Mo) Anderson is correct who better to learn from than the 5 time NBA champions the most professional guys in the business on and off the court. This promising rookie needs to continue to learn and improve his skills to be a contributor on a team with three future hall of famers.  Kyle Anderson shows he has the poise, maturity and skill that the San Antonio Spurs are known for, lets just hope he makes a name for himself as a Spur.

How has Kyle Anderson grown as a rookie.