Hilariously named Masshole Food Truck serves up lobster rolls, burgers, bao buns in San Antonio

Lee Dresie San Antonio News


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Chef Adam Bylicki takes his home state’s reputation in stride, that’s for sure.

Bylicki launched Masshole Food Truck late least year, introducing San Antonians to Massachusetts-style lobstah rolls — and the term “Masshole.” According to a life-size decal printed on the trailer, “Masshole” is a contemptuous term for a native or inhabitant of that particular New England state.

The bright yellow food trailer serves up varieties of bao buns as well as a six-ounce Angus beef burger. However, the star here is its jam-packed lobster rolls. Bylicki offers three versions of the seafood sando, including the Maine Style, which features Maine lobster, mayo, celery salt, fresh tarragon and lemon juice, piled high atop a homemade, split-top brioche roll.

In true Masshole style, the menu proudly proclaims that Maine Style is the only way a lobster roll should legally be sold. That said, it still offers two other options. A cilantro-lime-jalapeno version and an island-inspired roll featuring fresh mango, green onion and incendiary scotch bonnet peppers round out the offerings.

The price of one of these lobster rolls may induce sticker shock — $22 each — but ask anyone from the Northeast and they’ll tell you: for freshness and flavor, seafood is not where you want to pinch pennies.

Seafood aficionados can follow Masshole Food Truck on Instagram for up-to-date details on daily locations and hours.

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