Gregg Popovich has won more games with a single franchise than any coach in NBA history

And we’ll consider ourselves lucky if he says more than 12 words about it.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017– The Spurs’ win the other night brought Gregg Popovich’s total to 1,128 making his the winningest head coach with one team:

That and $4.35 might just get Coach Pop a cup of fancy java, but Spurs fans are bound to be proud of their fearless leader.

Well, he’s gone and done it. LeBron James got himself ejected from a game last night. How did he play this long without getting himself sent to the locker room early? He doesn’t have to play for the Spurs to make this thread-worthy.

Blake Griffin is out for his annual injury stint. Will Doc Rivers be able to spray paint a silver lining on this season? Again, not Spurs-centric, but there’s definitely a tone to the injury reports rolling through the NBA in this first quarter- season. Concerned? Have Pop and the Silver & Black seen the worst of it? Is Tony Parker’s return the turning point?

Memphis rolls in tonight to the AT&T Center without head coach David Fizdale. In his place, J.B. Bickerstaff has taken over as interim head coach. There is a belief that players give it their all for a new coach as a show of respect and hope. What chances do you give the Grizzlies against the Spurs in San Antonio while missing Mike Conley and 3 to 4 role players?

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