Greg Popovich is upset over Tiago Splitters injured calf and unwillingness to play.

Martin M Dominguez Spurs News

It’s been no secret that Greg Popovich expects alot out of his players, so when Tiago Splitter injured his calf muscle in the pre season he was given time to heal.  Here we are 17 games into the season and Tiago Splitter has played only 5 minutes and coach Greg Popovich has grown tired of his unwillingness to play through this injury. A Spurs insider advised that Greg Popovich and Tiago Splitter have had several heated conversations about his unwillingness to play and coach Pop even told him he needs to man up and get his butt on the court. In one conversation coach Pop was heard telling Tiago that summer vacation was over and he either gets on the court or he can watch the games from the comfort of his home. When a reporter asked coach Pop about Tiago Splitters injury he was quoted as saying “Splitter’s injury is very confusing to me and others in the organization.  Aron Baynes has stepped up his game and has been playing more minutes and has been effective both on defense and on offense, Tiago Splitter maybe expendable if he does not return soon. Tiago Splitter needs to get on the court or he may be playing for another team before the All Star break as sources have said Greg Popvich’s patience has run out.

Coach Pop is tired of Tiago Splitters unwillingness to play.