Former Spur David West Say’s Don’t Call Me A Ring Chaser.

Former Spur David West Says Don't Call Me A Ring Chaser.

David West played only one season for the San Antonio Spurs 2015-2016 and was mediocre at best when he did get some playing time on the court. West did little to help the Spurs in their 2nd round playoff match-up against the Oklahoma City Thunder as the Spurs lost the series 4-2.

David West has went on to say that immediately after the Spurs loss to OKC his agent was contacted by “Jerry West” of the Golden State Warriors. Shortly after that Kevin Durant reached out to David West and urged  him to sign with the Golden State Warriors which he did.

However David West does not want to be called a ring chaser as he talked with the Indianapolis Star.

“I’m not going to be one of those guys that’s just out here chasing that,” he said. “I’m not going to be one of those guys out here sacrificing who I am, the things that make me me, to go out and get a material goal.”

Well Mr. West you had once so eloquently stated you would not play in the NBA for more than 10 years remember this quote.

“I had a plan,” West says. “Ten years. That was it. I was going to play 10 years in the league, try to accomplish whatever I could accomplish in that span, and then I was done. Period. No matter what.”   

So at the age of 36 David West has played in the league which will soon be for a grand total of 14 years and is 36 years old? Yet you do not want to be called a ring chaser? Yeah OK then what should we call other than a ring chaser? How about old maybe that would be a more fitting title for this aging veteran, who clearly is, wait for it, let me clear my throat a “Ring Chaser”.

Now a member of the Golden State Warriors and clearly chasing a NBA Championship this just might be David West last shot at glory. He will either win and be vindicated or lose and forever be known a team jumping ring chaser, who never won a NBA title.


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