For the new Spurs, class is over and the exams begin.

Martin M Dominguez Spurs News


This is an interesting time of year for Spurs fans.  We know we will miss some favorites who have gone on to different teams (CuJo, Splitter, Belinelli). But in Spurs land, “the future’s so bright, we are all wearing shades”.  The addition of LaMarcus Aldridge and the return of Manu, TD, Kawhi and Danny Green led to the Spurs’ Summer of Domination. Even though this year’s season starts around Halloween, the more analogous holiday is Christmas. This new Spurs team is the Christmas present Spurs fans can’t wait to open. Fans (and the players themselves) want to see what it will look like. We get glimpses of that Christmas present during exhibition games, but those are just wrapping and the bow, not the present itself. Starters barely play and some preseason games have 15 different Spurs out there, many of whom are destined for the D League, or worse. Most importantly – the games don’t count, and the players know it……………..Read More

Source: For the new Spurs, class is over and the exams begin – Pounding The Rock