Fans’ Q&A: Millie Turner

Paul Garcia Manchester United FC

Who was the biggest influence when you were growing up?
“I’d have to say my dad, definitely. He’s always supported me like he does with my two brothers and he follows me around the country, around the world, so definitely my dad.”

Who are your usual prank victims – have you got Casey yet?
“My usual prank victims seems to be Tooney (Ella Toone) because she’s just easy to get and Alessia now that she lives with me. No, I haven’t got Casey yet, but I can do if you want.”

Millie Turner and the rest of Casey Stoney’s Reds travel to Walton Hall Park to play Everton on Sunday 10 January. The game kicks off at 12:00 GMT and fans in the UK will able to watch the action live on the BBC Red Button.