Dr. Dish Is Taking Basketball Training Tech To The Next Level 📈

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I’m only 24, so I’ll call myself out now before anybody else does. Disclaimer aside, I just had to stop myself before I took the form of the old man hanging around the playground. You know, the old guy in the bleachers who’s always telling everyone how good he would have been if he had all the cool gadgets that athletes have now. Well, Dr. Dish is back and they are elevating the game again.

The new model is built with all the great features that the original brought to basketball. It’s a shooting machine that moves with you, offers over 150 drills and tracks your progress as you put in your work. The first difference from the original is that you can now control the machine with the Dr. Dish mobile app. The second difference is that the team at Dr. Dish is putting this all together with the player and parent in mind, making the tool affordable and accessible.

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If the 150 drills sourced from trainers like Drew Hanlen and Jordan Lawley make the machine valuable, then the leaderboard that tracks users all over the world is what really makes the machine fun. As Dr. Dish says, what gets measured gets improved. I’ll go ahead and say this. If I had this thing 10 years ago, I might just be living my own hoop dream right about now.

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