Dominique Wilkins the often over looked Spur.

The Spurs 1996 season saw the Admiral David Robinson sidelined due to injury along with 3 point specialist Chuck Person and head coach Bob Hill fired mid way though the season only to be replaced by Greg Popovich.  With  all the turmoil surrounding the Spurs in the 1996 season the one shining star was Dominique Wilkins who was the Spurs leading scorer averaging 18.2 points per game. Dominique Wilkins will always be remembered as one of the greats in NBA history and when he played for the Spurs at the age of 36 the man could still dunk with the best of them. The Spurs would go on to finish the season with a record of 20-62 which is Greg Popovich only losing season and then get the 1st pick in the 1997 NBA draft and pick a kid by the name of Tim Duncan the rest was history.