Details For How All 92 Remaining Premier League Fixtures Will Be Televised Have Been Revealed

Up to five Premier League games could be shown live on free to air TV in the UK if the season resumes, according to the Times.

Under new proposals, the BBC will be handed the rights which will mean that for the first time in the competition’s history, the state broadcaster will be able to televise live games.

Currently, 47 games are scheduled to be shown on Sky Sports and BT Sport, but the new plans have also detailed where the other 45 will be broadcast.

BBC and Amazon will split five live games between them, while eight will be handed to BT Sport with the remaining 32 being on Sky.

These proposals will come as a disappointment to some, though, who may feel that as attending games is not an option, the Premier League may have been more willing to stream and broadcast games for free.

With these plans, very few will be available without a subscription service to one of three other major platforms.

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