Derek Carr Reacts To Darren Waller’s Hilarious Golf Swing

Jeph Duarte Las Vegas Raiders, NFL

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is having a good run lately.

He finally played a postseason game but lost to the Cincinnati Bengals.

The franchise also rewarded him with a three-year, $121.5 million contract extension.

He also has a new target in the passing game after the Raiders traded for All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams.

As pros, Carr and Adams will also get to revive their connection from Fresno State.

The 31-year-old play-caller seems to be enjoying life after some fortunate events.

That’s why he is also reacting to Darren Waller‘s golf swing.

The Raiders’ official Twitter account showed Waller imitating Adam Sandler’s golf swing in the movie “Happy Gilmore.”

That’s why the caption reads, “Let’s try this again @AdamSandler, how did @Rackkwall83 REALLY do?!”

Carr reacted with three face with tears of joy emojis before saying “yesssssss!”

Those emojis summarized what Carr felt after watching the atrocious golf swing.

To his credit, Waller maintained his swagger after hitting the ball.

Waller Will Be An Asset In Raiders’ New Offense

The tight end from Georgia Tech might not be the best golfer around.

However, he will be a vital part in the Raiders’ offense next season.

Adams will be the primary target in their passing game and he will be a handful to opposing defensive backs.

But head coach Josh McDaniels will utilize more double tight-end sets where Waller can do damage.

Aside from being an extra blocker, the Raiders can mask his position to become the recipient of Carr’s passes.

Adams’ ability to stretch the field can also help Waller gain favorable matchups in the short and intermediate routes.

Waller may not be a force on the golf course but he will be a key contributor on the gridiron.