Danny Green Trade Rumors Put To Rest He’s Not Going Anywhere.

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The Danny Green trade rumor was looking like a real possibility up until the Atlanta Hawks announced today that former Spurs “Tiago Splitter” will undergo season ending hip surgery. Just like that the Danny Green for Al Horford ¬†rumor was put to rest as the Hawks really have no one else to play the position that would vacated by Horford. The Danny Green rumor seems to come around at the same time every year and ultimately nothing happens. This does not mean the Spurs have not listened or even entertained the thought of trading Danny Green. The reality is every NBA team and their respective players know this is a business. Which means anyone could be traded at anytime this is something fans need to get used to. Never get to attached to players as the prime example of Spurs trades in the past have shown. Never say a player can’t be traded no matter how well-loved the are by the fans. Past Spurs trades include Sean Elliott, Bruce Bowen, Malik Rose and George Hill have shown sometimes to grow as a team you must make a sacrifice.

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