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FanSided has created an amazing new generator to create your own Top 50 list.

Have you ever considered who your personal top 50 NBA players are? I know I haven’t, and I’m rarely one think much of players beyond the San Antonio Spurs. However, just in case you do want to figure out who your favorite NBA players are without knowing it, here’s your chance!

FanSided has created a generator where you can manipulate the settings however you like — including what stats are important to you, awards, longevity, position, decades, etc — and it spits out what it perceives to be your top 50 NBA players based on your preferences.

Of course, it isn’t perfect. When keeping my settings completely honest, based on my own first instinct and without doing any manipulation to skew the results more in my favor — this includes more emphasis on accomplishments than stats, being all about the last three decades, etc — I get the following top 6.

Hmm, I’d be lying big time if I said LeBron James was my favorite player of all time, especially over Tim Duncan (or any respectable Spur, for that matter). Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal certainly aren’t that high on my list, and Kevin Durant has lost a lot of my respect over the last few years. Although if there is one non-Spur I can respect being in my Top 6, it’s Dirk Nowitzki.

On the bright side, at least my “unbiased” settings give me Manu Ginobili at 12th, Tony Parker at 18th, and David Robinson at 25th. Although those would technically be my top 4 right there (with The Admiral sliding into second or third), I think it’s saying something that they they are all in the top 25 among hundreds of possibilities.

But of course, I had to do what I could to get Timmy into first place. It required putting some silver-and-back-colored glasses on (which wasn’t hard because that’s exactly what color my glasses are) and some settings tweaks, but I did manage to get Timmy into first place!

Again, yuck to the rest of that top 6, even more so with the addition of Kevin Garnett, and it came with sacrifices like moving Ginobili, Parker and Robinson even further back, but at least it got Big Fun at #1! There are other settings, like team preference, to help hedge your bets even more, but overall this is pretty much where I left off.

However, our beloved Editor-in-Chief J.R. Wilco was having waaay too much fun with this. Unlike yours truly, he doesn’t have too much pride to shamelessly manipulate the settings and make the generator bend to his will. He even managed to get all of the Big 3 in his top 6, and here’s the proof:

He claims he did this without any biased prioritization. I guess I’ll have to take his word for it since he is my boss, and he spent a whole hour texting me about how his results were changing. I was too lazy to to mess with it for that long (and I was trying to throw together some other stuff for him), so I’ll give credit where it’s due. But just this once!

Overall, this is a fun and in some ways useful tool, and just seeing how many ways you can manipulate the system is enjoyable. (Just ask J.R. who briefly turned into a kid again with this thing.) Go have fun, Pounders, and feel free to tell us about some of your results — the honest, amusing, and truly bizarre — in the comments below!

Source: Pounding The Rock