Confirmation that Kawhi Leonard still has his braids

For anyone still concerned over a potential #Samson situation, it’s safe to relax.

One of the biggest happenings of the Spurs’ summer so far is #CornrowGate. Someone posted a photo of Kawhi Leonard that made it look like he had cut off his famous braids, and everyone went a little crazy and started crying because who can imagine a world without Kawhi in cornrows?

#CornrowGate seemed to be over the very next day, but the doubts still remained. Did Kawhi really cut off his braids or was the internet taking us all on a ride?

The mystery has finally been solved thanks to two people. The first is a random person on Twitter who’s now a hero for us here at Pounding the Rock. Because of him, we have what appears to be photographic evidence that Kawhi Leonard is still a man with braids on his head — if this is indeed the MVP candidate:

We will not talk about how Kawhi walks around with Spurs shorts and Spurs socks on, because that is not our focus here. We want you to look at his head. THE BRAIDS ARE THERE!!!

But because we can’t know for sure if that was really Kawhi Leonard or just someone who looks a lot like him, we needed further confirmation. And we got it from Spurs guard Dejounte Murray, who spoke to the media about his upcoming workouts with Kawhi. He was asked point blank about Leonard’s hair and his answer was unequivocal:

Mystery solved. Thanks you, DJM and thank you, Rantdom Twitter Person.

Source: Pounding The Rock

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