Comedian George Lopez is down with the Spurs.

Martin M Dominguez SPURS FAN CAVE

Comedian George Lopez is a long time Laker fan but he admitted he likes the San Antonio Spurs and appreciates the greatness that is the Silver and Black. George Lopez was quoted saying  “I wouldn’t bet against [the Spurs] this year,” Lopez, 53, said during a phone interview this past week to promote his upcoming stand-up comedy performances at the Majestic Theater Oct. 24-26. If that is not enough the comedian also stated he admires Tim Duncan, Tony Parker,  along with Spurs legends Sean Elliot and Bruce Bowen. George Lopez was also quoted as saying  “I was rooting for San Antonio to beat Miami because I don’t like when you put a team together [like Miami] did,” Lopez said. “San Antonio and Coach [Pop] put a team together the way coaches did it the first time anyone played basketball. You do it by playing team, fundamental, solid basketball. That beats flash every time. [San Antonio] wore them down.” What a great show of admiration and respect from a die hard Laker fan such as George Lopez he recognizes the greatness that is our San Antonio Spurs.

Die hard Laker fan George Lopez admits he admires the Silver and Black.