Coaching Team USA Will Be What Gregg Popovich Needs.

Martin M Dominguez Spurs News

This summer, Popovich will continue serving as Team USA’s top assistant coach before eventually sliding into the head coach position, when Coach K retires from Olympic competition for good.

There could not have been a better coach chosen because Pop not only has the experience to boast being team USA’s head coach, but a hefty winning resume in the professional basketball ranks.

Pop found himself in this position after asking Commissioner Adam Silver in an NBA coaches meeting about how it was possible that a college coach become a lifetime appointment for USA Basketball, and most of the coaches agreed. This was not only an important question, but one that changed everything.

While Popovich was not volunteering his own services, he raised an important question. At the time he had suggested Doc Rivers for an example of a coach he felt was deserving of an opportunity…..Read More

Source: Coaching Team USA Will Be What Gregg Popovich Needs