Bonner on verge of joining exclusive club.

Martin M Dominguez Spurs News

Bonner on verge of joining exclusive club […] this season, you could count on one hand the players who have logged 10 consecutive seasons for the Spurs. […] in his 12th NBA season, Bonner was incredulous to learn of his pending induction into such an exclusive club. Bonner had a notion he might return to the Spurs after becoming a free agent July 1, but he had to wait for other dominoes to fall for the team before he could sign another contract for the veteran minimum of $1.5 million. While his long-distance accuracy last season fell below 40 percent (36.5) for the first time in five seasons, he started 19 games and his playing time increased slightly from 2013-14, from 11.3 minutes per game to 13.2…..Read More

Source: Bonner on verge of joining exclusive club – San Antonio Express-News