Being a Spurs fan feels different this year

In epidose 34 of the Superfluous Poppycock podcast, Seth Warren and J.R. Wilco discuss what’s different about supporting this year’s San Antonio team.

For me, as a fan — this year doesn’t feel like any of the past 10 years. And it’s not just because Tim Duncan is no longer playing for the Spurs. There’s a dynamic to cheering for the team that I don’t remember dealing with for quite a while. That’s the first topic that Seth Warren and I discuss on episode 34 of the Superfluous Poppycock podcast.

We also depress ourselves discussing LaMarcus Aldridge’s recent performances, talk about the league’s one-man teams, look at the thing Dewayne Dedmon did that Tim used to do, delve into the playoff scenario that terrifies me, and ask the question that a character Jack Nicholson once asked rhetorically.

You can listen via the player below, or download it here.

Source: Pounding The Rock