12 reasons why Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich would be the perfect U.S. president.

A Wall Street Journal writer has publicly affirmed what San Antonians have believed since the 1990s: Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich could rule a nation.In his article “The Popovich for President Movement,” Jason Gay admits he’s not much into politics, but it doesn’t take years of following donkeys and elephants to know Coach Pop is the man America needs.RELATED: Popovich High School? San Antonio man creates petition to rename Lee High School after Spurs coach“If you’re unfamiliar: Popovich is the 67-year-old head coach of the Spurs, who are widely seen as one of the best-run franchises in sports,” Gay explained. “Winners of five NBA titles, the Spurs play a team-oriented basketball that stresses ball-movement and unselfishness.”Popovich has been involved in politics in the past, although he has not donated to a federal candidate since 2011, when he gave the maximum amount ($2,500 per election) to President Barack Obama. He also donated $12,900 to the Democratic National Committee that year, according to campaign finance data.In the WSJ article, Gay proceeds to applaud Coach Pop’s accomplishments as the Spurs’ revered leader, making his global and analytical thinking, as well as his historical move to hire Becky Hammon as his one of his assistants some of the top selling points……Read More

Source: 12 reasons why Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich would be the perfect U.S. president – San Antonio Express-News