The Spurs dynamic play takes the fight out of the Warriors.

The Spurs played their best game of the season last night against the Golden State Warriors and held the normally hot 3 point shooting Stephen Curry scoreless from behind the arc. In a very uncharacteristic move Spurs head coach decided to play his veterans on consecutive nights and the gamble paid off.   Greg Popovich said ”I’m really proud of them. Back-to-backs are difficult for an older team, but I thought they really showed a lot of focus and played with a purpose,”  Tony Parker had had 28 points and seven assists, Kawhi Leonard added 19 points and the dynamic play of the San Antonio Spurs beat the Warriors 113-100.  After the game Warriors head coach Steve Kerr and Gerg Popovich shared a smile as Kerr was quoted as saying  ”I just told him, `Thanks a lot for picking tonight to play your best game of the year,”’



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