Tim Duncan steps up even when it means doing what he hates

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The Spurs legend walked back into the spotlight because he was needed. “I know I’m the most recognizable person here, so it’s my responsibility to be that lightning rod for attention.” –Tim Duncan on his Virgin Islands relief efforts It’s one thing to be unassuming. It’s another to be an international superstar athlete and be unassuming. Ever since retiring, basketball …

Congresswoman gives heartfelt tribute to Tim Duncan on House floor.

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Tim Duncan quietly retired on July 11 as the greatest power forward in NBA history. The 40-year-old five-time NBA champion didn’t go on a farewell tour around the league and receive gifts from every city or team and he didn’t make a big deal about it, but just about everybody else did. Including congresswoman Stacey Plaskett, representative for the U.S. Virgin …

Virgin Islands to honor Duncan.

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Having recognized Tim Duncan all the way back in 1997 after his standout career at Wake Forest, the U.S. Virgin Islands’ legislative body will honor the Spurs star for his similar greatness in the NBA. The resolution to honor Duncan was passed by unanimous vote of the territory’s 31st Legislature……Read More   Source: Virgin Islands to honor Duncan – Spurs Nation