Same as it ever was, it’s title or bust for Spurs.

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It would not be accurate to describe the Spurs’ expensive offseason acquisition as a savior. Given that the Spurs have won five championships, with 18 playoff appearances in a row and 16 straight 50-win seasons, there isn’t anything to save. Even with the hopes that sweet-shooting LaMarcus Aldridge can push the Spurs back to the championship heights they last reached in 2014, it’s nothing …

LaMarcus Aldridge 2014-2015 Highlight Reel Video.

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Has it hit you my fellow Spurs fans? Have you been able to comprehend just how incredible these past two months have been for your team? I thought the answer for myself personally was a resounding “yes.” But I soon found that “knowledge” doesn’t necessarily imply “comprehension.”……Read More   Source: VIDEO: LaMarcus Aldridge 2014-2015 Highlight Reel – Pounding The Rock

Beware NBA The Spurs Are Coming!

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The San Antonio Spurs have been anything but subtle in their off-season tactics this year as they have aggressively pursued free agents. The Spurs front office came out and attacked like some ninja assassins. Before anyone around the NBA knew what happened the Spurs signed Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. Then in a blink of an eye Tim Duncan, Coach …