The last two Spurs HEB commercials are out

Kawhi’s mind is blown, and the players show off their Spanish. As promised, H.E.B. released the remaining spots of the 2017-18 Spurs season. H-E-B 2017 Spurs Primo Pick-nic H-E-B 2017 Spurs | El Primo As always, the guys look like they are having a ball off the court, as well as on. Source: Pounding The Rock

The New HEB Spurs Commercials Are Instant Classics.

It’s that time of year again Spurs fans the premier of the highly anticipated HEB Spurs commercials. This year we are treated to a Farmers Market, Origami and a bit with Fajitas entitled Fluent.  I know the choice is difficult but which HEB Spurs commercial was your favorite this year? HEB Spurs Commercial No.1 Farmers Market. HEB Spurs Commercial No.2 …