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  1. This is ridiculous I’ve been a Spurs fan for years and years back in the days of the Gervin era. And the dark times when you couldn’t even give Spurs tickets away in the late’s so hypocritical to me because back in the 90s when the playoffs came around you have to these mom and Pa vendors selling wreaths T-shirts nick nacks and no NO ONE said a gd thing. Our Spurs organization tend to forget that it was the fans that kept David Robinson it was the fans a that kept Tim Duncan to stay in San Antonio everybody in the NBA players fo says that the Spurs fans are the most classiest fans so why should the Spurs take away a little bit with the fans put in…Big Homie and Spurs Jesus are the faces of the Spurs Community NOW! I don’t see the pinche Coyote out there that another thing you notice the coyote is pretty lame now at the games…????We need a Tim Derk!
    Let’s face it the Spurs are being pinches what are they going to do take homey’s mask because it has a spur on it or take spurs Jesus’s robe because it has a spur on it come on….Big Homie is the new fan face he does things out there in the community all in the spare time I met him a few times and how he has the energy to do all that surprises me also Spurs Jesus sits court side as well….why the big stink now???? and let me remind spurs that go spurs go has never been copyrighted they started using that slogan during the 99 playoff run!! So if i’m going to sell something that says go spurs go I’m going to get sued that is stupid…basically it’s just a jealous organization that didn’t come up with something original and an organization that I hate to say is just greedy. It’s a shame and a travesty.

    Just remember Spurs the fans made you!!

    Oh yeah I’m gonna paint a picture of the Spurs Virgen de Guadalupe watch the Spurs and the catholic church sue me…..te lo sicco…lol!

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      Israel I agree with your completely and the Spurs should not be going after the Super fans but rather reach out to them and ask them to be apart of the whole fan experience. This is part of the reason the Spurs Fan Cave was created to give the fans a voice and a social community where they can keep their names, example Spurs Jesus or Spurs Bighomie and not have to worry about being shutdown. The Spurs organization needs to realize that without the fans the Spurs would not be where they are now. The fans are not the enemy it would seem that the Spurs organization is, its own worst enemy.

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