Solskjaer and McTominay: The full press conference

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Scott, will it be strange for you to play in that atmosphere?
SM: “Yes, obviously whenever you’re growing up playing Under-18 games or reserve team games, you’re used to playing in lesser crowds than when you get to the first team and you’re playing in front of 75,000 people at Old Trafford. So obviously it will be strange playing a first-team game like that but we’ve just got to keep focused and keep the mentality the same and keep doing what we’ve been doing and obviously that’s trying to win football matches. So for us not really an awful lot changes but it is a real shame that the fans of both sides can’t come. Hopefully we get it sorted as soon as possible.”

Scott, you’re a big United fan, so if the season were to be cancelled, it would mean Liverpool wouldn’t win the title. I wondered how you feel about that?
SM: “Obviously that’s a difficult question to answer. For me, you can’t really say too much about that. Obviously or us, the manager, the coaching staff and the players, we’re just concentrating on ourselves. We have to be 100 per cent committed to what we’re doing and the journey we’re going on as well and forgetting about other teams. The only other team we’re concentrating on is the next game and obviously that’s tomorrow night, Sunday, Thursday, Sunday and obviously for us it’s a big build-up in matches so we have to be ready and hopefully this coronavirus won’t affect us too much.”

Scott, does this feel like a moment for Manchester United after a result like Sunday, a turning point?
SM: “Yeah you can always say that. You can always say that big games can flip a season or turn a season and point it in a real positive direction and it can be a real transformation for a group. I feel like you’re starting to see that with the players now, with confidence that we’re playing with and how well we played the other day was a real, real credit. The desire to win and everything about the team that day was helping each other and doing all the right things as well. For me, coming back from injury it’s amazing to be a part of that as well and long may it continue with the run of games we’ve been going on. It can be exciting times towards the business end of the season as well.”

Ole, what would it mean for the players to play in front of empty stands at Old Trafford?
OGS: “At the moment I’m not aware of any decision being made about next week’s game but we do, as a club, take all the precautions. As a group of players, we take all the precautions but we have to wait for the authorities and the government to make their decisions on the games going forward.”


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