Open Thread: Don’t blink, Derrick White’s taking over

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The young Colorado guard has bounced back from injury with a vengeance

Derrick White

He keeps his composure. He’s strong on the defensive end. His passing his on point. He finds multiple ways to create for himself and his teammates. Derrick White is only four games into the season, and already he’s looking like the kind of player Spurs fans can get on board with.

In this play, White makes a move to the basket, gets blocked from behind, catches the loose ball back, jumps in to the basket and away from the defender, and gets the lay up. Quite impressive considering he’d just been blocked.

This pass to LaMarcus- simple, elegant, and made to look effortless.

Here, Derrick is fearless about getting himself into the paint. Time after time, he gets right into dangerous big man territory and makes clean, easy-looking shots.

Quite impressive, but what fans who’ve watched Derrick’s G-League and Summer League performances have come to expect. To see it on the big stage with elite players displays White’s basketball IQ.

What was your favorite Derrick White moment of the night?

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