NBA Finals Game 5 Thread

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The Raptors have dominated this series, and the Warriors will be eliminated tonight in Toronto unless they improve on both ends of the court

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Kevin Durant was cleared to practice for the Warriors, but there’s no guarantee that he will be able to play and whether he could turn around the Warrior’s fortunes even if he’s healthy enough to play. The Raptors have dominated and look to close out the series tonight in Toronto. Except for a quick run in the third quarter of Game 2, the Raptors have been the better team, and this is the last chance for the injury-depleted Warriors to make this series competitive.

Predictions (NOTE: I predicted that Milwaukee would beat Toronto, so I’m not good at this.)

  1. The Raptors will close out the series tonight in another dominant performance.
  2. Kevin Durant shouldn’t play tonight, but if he does, he will not help the Warriors much.
  3. Kawhi Leonard will be the best player on the court tonight, as he has been for the entire series. He will be the Finals MVP, obviously.
  4. Both KD and KL will be on different teams next season.

Go Spurs Go! [Next season.] This year’s finals have been painful to watch, I’m glad they’re almost over.

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NBA Finals Game 5 Thread
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