In a Takeout Rut? We Asked 15 San Antonio Chefs What They’ve Been Ordering While Quarantined

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May 21, 2020 Slideshows » Food & Drink

By Nina Rangel

As of Friday, San Antonio restaurants are able to open their dining rooms at 50% capacity under Phase 2 of Governor Abbott’s plan to reopen the Texas economy.

If you’re still worried about eating out at a restaurant right now, we’ve got you covered. We asked 15 chefs what local spots they’ve been ordering takeout from, and man, did they deliver.

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The MVP: Sichuan House
3505 Wurzbach Road #102, (210) 509-9999,
The fact that five out of 15 chefs recommended Sichuan House is all you need to know. Some dishes that were specifically called out? The cumin beef, twice cooked pork and spicy & savory jumbo shrimp.
Photo via Instagram / s.a.foodie

Smack’s Chicken Shack
2222 N St. Mary’s St., (575) 637-5057,
If you’re having a tough time deciding, chef Leo Davila says “literally any weekly special sando” at Smack’s Chicken Shack will hit the spot.
Photo via Instagram / smackschickenshack

Sangria on the Burg
5115 Fredericksburg Rd., (210) 265-3763,
Chef Davila also says that “the tacos from Sangria on the Burg always hit the spot, and the crispy pata is a MUST.”
Photo via Instagram / sangriaontheburg

Halftime Pizza
Various Locations,
“Halftime Pizza pizza rolls and wings, of course,” says chef Ceasar Zepeda. “But the Asian Beef Salad… we order that every time we go there.”
Photo via Instagram / theroadsideradish

Tre Trattoria
200 W Jones Ave. #501, (210) 805-0333,
“Tre Trattoria’s Beef Bolognese, it’s home-cooked goodness,” said chef Ceasar Zepeda. “Man, it’s my guilty pleasure.”
Photo via Instagram / tre_trattoria

Tim McDiarmid, Chef/Owner of Tim the Girl Catering, The Good Kind, and Ivy Hall in Southtown
Photo Courtesy of Tim the Girl

Singh’s Vietnamese
2805 N St. Mary’s St.,(512) 940-9662,
Tim McDiarmid shared a few go-to takeout spots: “Singh’s veggie rice bowl is my go to. Although I also love Sichuan House and Barbaro. We also had an excellent meal from Attagirl the other day. There are lots of great options!”
Photo via Instagram / singhs_sa

2720 McCullough Ave., (210) 320-2261,
“Scrumptious,” “thoughtful,” and “always a win” are just a few descriptions these chefs used to describe Barbaro’s takeout situation. They’re also selling full bottles of booze to-go, so get on that.
Photo via Instagram / sabarbaro

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Taqueria Cazadores
927 Rittiman Road, (210) 824-0175,
Chef Pieter Sypesteyn also shared his favorite neighborhood Mexican spot: Cazadores Mexican Restaurant. An unassuming mom-and-pop shop in Terrell Heights, Cazadores boasts Mexican classics, margaritas and a comfy atmosphere.
Photo via Instagram / chocolate_muscle_foodie

Fresh Donuts
1302 Austin Highway, (210) 988-3101,
When Sypesteyn needs a morning pick-me-up, he opts for Boudin kolaches, and Vietnamese iced coffee from Fresh Donuts in Alamo Heights. “We stop in there a couple of times a week,” he said. “They’re great people.”
Photo via Instagram / freshdonuts_sanantonio

Braza Brava Pizzeria Napoletana
7959 Broadway St. #300, (210) 320-2100,
Damien Watel and Pieter Sypesteyn agree that Braza Brava is a spot you have to try. Watel can’t live without Braza Brava’a hefty calzones, and Pieter Sypesteyn is all about their pies. “We love the pizza at Braza Brava,” Sypesteyn says. “Their Pizza Buffala is my favorite.”
Photo via Instagram / the.weekend.foodie

Losoya’s Taqueria
13444 West Ave. #100, (210) 495-5999,
“We have tried to spread the love as much as we can,” said PJ Edwards. “Our local Taqueria Losoya has definitely gotten the most love, though.”
Photo via Instagram / losoyas_taqueria

604 S Alamo St., (210) 816-0088,
Edwards also recommends Thai Dee, a thai spot with a cult following, and Battalion. “We over order the greatness that is Battalion…an Italian Feast for about 8 people!”
Photo via Instagram / battalionsa

Alamo Biscuit Company & Panaderia
9630 Huebner Road #103, (210) 265-5585,
Alamo Biscuit Company & Panaderia is known for serving up super fluffy, buttery pillows of biscuity goodness. Edwards swears by the Brunch Pack, which includes buttermilk hotcakes, scrambled eggs, potato hash, salsa, house biscuits, bacon and biscuit French toast.
Photo via Instagram / 210living

Instagram / botikapearl

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303 Pearl Parkway #111, (210) 670-7684,
The Dragon Dinner at Botika has become chef Geronimo Lopez’s go-to when he needs a meal to-go. The meal feeds four, and includes all of his favorite things: whole roasted chicken with anticuchero marinade & chimichurri, potstickers, egg rolls, steamed rice, corn salsa, salad and dessert.
Photo courtesy Geronimo Lopez

Max and Louie’s New York Diner
226 W Bitters Road Suite 126, (210) 483-7600,
When chef Ernest Bradley needs a quick meal to-go, he lets his little lady make the call: “When we order in, we get it from Max and Louie’s New York Diner. It’s my daughter’s favorite place.”
Photo via Instagram / linhnie_

Luis and Marsha Morales, Owners of Humble House Foods and Say Town Tacos
Photo Courtesy of Humble House

2195 NW Military Highway, (210) 503-5121,
When it comes to an elevated experience, Marsha and Luis Morales say Clementine is the way to go. “We’ve been fans of them for years, and I’ve yet to have a dinner that doesn’t cause me to re-evaluate my perspective on one ingredient or another,” Marsha said.
Photo via Instagram / clementine.sanantonio

Godai Sushi
11203 West Ave, (210) 348-6781,
“Sushi has always been my happy spot so I order from Godai Sushi,” said chef Rudy Martinez. “There is a lot of passion and soul put into the food that they create.”
Photo via Instagram / ivankrazy

Hot Joy
1014 S Alamo St., (210) 368-9324,
Chef Teddy Liang says that he frequently orders from Sari Sari Filipino Restaurant, Market, & Bakery and Hot Joy. “I get their [crab fat] chicken wings and a six pack Upland Brewery Champagne Velvet (Pilsner).”
Photo via Instagram / siempre_sanantonio

Instagram / norteno210

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Jerk Shack
117 Matyear St., (210) 776-7780,
“Jerk Shack… their freakin’ Mac N Cheese! I would give up ramen secrets to know what’s in there,” said Nguyen.
Photo via Instagram / thejerkshacksatx

Sari Sari Filipino Restaurant, Market, & Bakery
5700 Wurzbach Road, (210) 647-7274,
Nguyen also suggests Burger Boy, Kin Thai, and Sari Sari Filipino Restaurant, Market & Bakery: “get the adobo and crispy pata!”
Photo via Instagram / eldereats

Stefan Bowers, Chef/Owner of Battalion, Playland Pizza and Rebelle at the St. Anthony Hotel
Instagram / battalions

The Magpie
1602 E Houston St. Suite 106, (210) 389-1584,
When talking about meals from Magpie, chef Stefan Bowers is highly complimentary. “Through and through solid and delicious,” he said. “By far some of the best handled, most delicately prepared and cared for food I’ve had in recent memory (pre and post COVID).”
Photo via Instagram / magpiesanantonio

Lobo Provisions
27532 Old Blanco Road, (210) 580-6464,
“We actually order out for our staff meals 2-3 times a week from different restaurants,” said baker Megan Morales. “Some staff favorites so far have been Godai Sushi and Lobo Provisions.”
Photo via Instagram / loboprovisions

Camille De Los Reyes, Owner of Sari Sari Filipino Restaurant, Market & Bakery
Photo Courtesy of Camille De Los Reyes

Pinch Boil House
124 N Main Ave., (210) 971-7774,
“I’ve really enjoyed the Pinch and South BBQ collaboration,” said Camille De Los Reyes. “They’ve done it twice, and both times have been outstanding! I hear they will be opening up a new concept together soon, and I can’t wait!”
Photo via Instagram / eat_it_b

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The MVP: Sichuan House
3505 Wurzbach Road #102, (210) 509-9999,
The fact that five out of 15 chefs recommended Sichuan House is all you need to know. Some dishes that were specifically called out? The cumin beef, twice cooked pork and spicy & savory jumbo shrimp.
Photo via Instagram / s.a.foodie


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