Spurs are actively pursuing Ray Allen.

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The San Antonio Spurs are actively seeking the services of Ray Allen and have talked with him as recently as this past Monday. The Spurs are just one of seven teams that have been in contact with Ray Allen but the teams he wants to play for have been narrowed down to the Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers. A Spurs …

Lebron James admits the Spurs played a part in his departure from the Heat.

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Lebron James has finally admitted that the loss the Heat suffered in the NBA finals to the San Antonio Spurs was one of the reasons he decided to leave the Miami Heat. King James went on to say had the Heat defeated the Spurs in the Finals and won a third consecutive title he would have likely stayed in Miami to …

Joey Crawford actually did something nice for the Spurs.

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It’s not secret that Joey Crawford and the Spurs have had a now infamous relationship for years and who can forget when he ejected Tim Duncan from a game for laughing on the bench. But time is seems may have finally calmed the beast as Joey Crawford read to some students at Linton Elementary this past Monday. Yes that is …

Spurs deny King James again in a 2 point win against the Cavaliers.

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The San Antonio Spurs denied King James again in a 92-90 win against the Cleveland Cavaliers as the game ends on a costly turnover by LeBron. The highlight of the night was watching Lebron James dribble the ball behind his back only to have Tim Duncan swat the ball away and it ending up in the hands of Manu Ginobili who …

HEB releases the new Spurs commercials and they are hilarious.

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The infamous HEB commercials starring the San Antonio Spurs are back and they are hilarious and once again Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, reprising their roles with Kawhi Leonard and Patty Mills in supporting roles. So why wait any longer check out all the new commercials in the videos below.

How are the Spurs looking 10 games into the season?

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The San Antonio Spurs have gotten off to a slow start this season and so far after nine games the defending NBA champs have a record of 6-4. The question is are the Spurs suffering some chemistry issues as the fluid passing and hot 3 point shooting have not been there on a consistent basis this year. Another question is …

Spurs welcome the return of Marco Belinelli Wednesday against the Cavaliers.

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The San Antonio Spurs are reporting that Marco Belinelli is set to return on Wednesday’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Marco Belinelli has missed the last seven games with a mild groin strain and needless to say the team will be thrilled to have another shooter back in the lineup. Greg Popovich also provided a status report on Patty Mills saying …

Spurs keep the Philadelphia 76ers winless in a 100-75 blow out.

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The San Anotnio Spurs handed the Philadelphia 76ers their 10th straight loss to open the season in a 100-75 blow out in which the Spurs never trailed.  It was a surprise to see that Matt Bonner lead the Spurs in scoring with 18 points followed by Timmy’s 18 points and 9 rebounds  along with Corey Joseph’s 14 points. The bench …

Patty Mills is looking really buff in latest pic.

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Spurs fans remember a time when Patty Mills was called out by Greg Popovich for being to fat? Well from the latest pic posted by Patty Mills he has been working out while recovering from shoulder surgery and he looks really buff. Patty Mills just posted a photo of himself on Instagram and he is looking leaner and ready for his …